Aqua-Ice 2019, 21. – 22. March in Grand Hotel Reykjavik

The conference language is Icelandic, with some English lectures.

The sessions is as follows: 

  • Algae Cultivation in Iceland – Opportunity for the future or is it today’s Industry?
  • Challenges and opportunities in Shellfish culture in Iceland
  • Mainstreams in Aquaculture: Opportunities for growth
  • Processing, Logistic and Marketing of Farmed Fish
  • Environmental and safety issues in Marine cage Fish Farms
  • Salmon Farming in the North Atlantic
  • Advances in Salmon Farming
  • Development in Fish Farming
  • Technological Advances – Ocean farming
  • Technological Advances – Land Based Farm
Grand Hotel Reykjavík
Sigtún 38
105 Reykjavík, Iceland